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News Article

New CFA Website Up and Running 
Posted 11/20/2015 8:13:29 AM  by Mort Gamble
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Friday, November 20, 2015 - News
Archival articles, photos still available on former site.

New CFA Website Up and Running


          A new, more interactive, more colorful and exciting website for the Circus Fans Association of America is now online at

          With links to traditional CFA online news, features, and animal alerts, the new site will offer expanded coverage of the Circus Fans’ activities and circus-industry news.

          “We have to move forward to appeal to today’s increasingly sophisticated web audiences as well as new prospective members for CFA while keeping our current members and friends fully informed and engaged,” said President Gary Payne.

          He said that the new site, which is still being developed and fine-tuned, is an important, upgraded tool for membership recruitment and retention, supporting the circus industry, and posting alerts about potentially harmful legislation and other conditions impacting circuses and traveling shows.

          “With our excellent magazine The White Tops and other publications and outreach being planned, our marketing strategy will have greater capability and flexibility than in the past,” he said. “The CFA brand will be more inclusive and appealing than ever.”

          CFA website developer Cindy Pagel noted that links to the former Circus Fans website are provided on the new site, and that members and visitors can still access archival articles, photos, and features that have kept CFA’s online audience engaged for over a decade. She thanked everyone for their input and patience as the new site found its look, message, and technical capability.

          She said that ideas for enhancing CFA’s online presence are always welcome, and that because technology is constantly evolving, new features for the site are to be expected. “It’s still a work in progress,” she noted. “Building on the best traditions of the old site while moving beyond its limitations has been time-consuming, but the results will be attractive and influential for CFA and our many circus friends as well.”



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