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2009-10_Report-Circus Relations Committee 

Submitted by Webmaster on   3/7/2011
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CFA Circus Relations Committee

Annual Report 2009/2010

The purpose of the Circus Relations Committee is to act as a liaison between the Circus Fans Association and the members of the American circus business. Specifically, it is intended to act as a channel through which both organizations can work together and to help the owners, staff and performers better realize that the CFA is there to help lighten and brighten their day.

In the past year, the committee was made up of four long standing and dedicated CFA members. Over the years these members have become friends with many in the circus profession and have always been most welcome on the circus lot.

During the 2009-2010 year, committee member and CFA past president, Rich Deptula communicated with several circus personalities and sent numerous cards and well wishes to those who were ill and to families of those that had passed away. He also traveled with Kelly Miller Circus volunteering his time while working in the cookhouse.

Committee member David Orr is well known in the circus industry, particularly for his efforts to fight unjust exotic animal regulations that would so adversely affect the public showing of many circus animals. Over the winter months, David represents the committee while he is in Sarasota, Florida, the home of many circus people. He also volunteers his time at Circus Sarasota during its season.

Father Richard Notter, Circus Chaplain and committee member, administers to many in the circus community, particularly during times of stress and hardships in their life. Father Notter is also part of a group that tries to locate good housing and care for retired circus employees.

Committee member and also a CFA Past President, Don Curtis visited nine circuses during the past year spreading the work about the CFA's desire to help where needed. In addition to providing portrait type photos for owners and performers to use in their Christmas cards and web pages, Don also provided dinner for all on Walker Bros and Lewis & Clark circuses and a barbecue for some of the performers on Kelly-Miller Circus.

The committee is always open to suggestions from the CFA members of more things that can be done to improve the already very positive relationship that we enjoy with the circus people.

Respectfully submitted,
Don Curtis, Chairman
Circus Relations Committee

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